Fall Decor Quiz

Wednesday Aug 18th, 2021


Do you want to decorate your home for the upcoming season but don't know where to start? Take this simple quiz & we'll tell you where to start shopping.  To start, pick a cushion. This could be for your couch, bed, or a cozy reading chair. Which one gives you fall vibes but will still flow with your home?   Next up, choose a wreath. If you don't have a front porch to decorate, hang a wreath on the inside of your door, your bedroom door, or on a... [read more]

4 Trendy Kitchen Design Ideas

Monday Jun 28th, 2021


People are getting more & more creative with their kitchens... and we're here for it! If you see anything you like or think we're missing something, let us know in the comments!  Is it a modern or classic choice? Brand new homes and homes that are selling both seem to be taking advantage of the gold and brass accents.  The boho style decor trends are now in the kitchen too. Natural styles and textured elements look great in the kitchen - and is one... [read more]

2021 Home Decor Trends

Friday Jan 29th, 2021


Moving into 2021 is a great reason to bring comfort and creativity to our spaces, especially if we are spending more time than ever in them! Check out some of the hottest new decor trends coming this year.       Walls on the Wild Side   We know that typically in home decor we think most about the major items, furniture, tableware and shelf decor but what about what’s on our walls themselves? Paint is always a popular choice and can add so... [read more]

DIY Snowy Mason Jars

Tuesday Oct 27th, 2020


These Christmas Tea Light holders are incredibly easy to make using unexpected items: epsom salt and glitter. They are a beautiful holiday display for flameless tea lights, or could even be used as a vase for holiday garland or flowers.   What you'll need Glass jar 1 cup epsom salt 1tbsp glitter (white or translucent) Mod Podge (or tacky glue) Sponge brush for applying the glue Twine or ribbon Small piece of greenery Hot glue gun   1.... [read more]


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