Spring Decorating Hacks

Thursday Mar 14th, 2019


Spring Decorating Hacks

Spring is upon us! Sprucing up your home for Spring can brighten up your home and help with banishing those winter blues! As adding new furniture isn’t always a viable option, we’ve rounded up some tips on creating a spring vibe to your home. The end of winter can really drain you emotionally and physically so we think it’s important to liven up your living space to lift your spirits.

Let’s banish those winter blues and get started!


Flower Power
Nothing screams spring more than flowers. Whether they’re real or fake, adding a pop of colour with flowers adds the perfect spring vibe to your space.
You can create a flower box as a coffee table centrepiece; put them in a vase or jar for an end table, or create some cute flower sconces for the wall. There are so many possibilities for the placement of flowers.

Let There Be Light
Adding some more light to the space definitely helps to get out of the dreary winter blues.
Add a new light source! Try a cute floor lamp, or change out your dark shades for light and airy curtains to let in more natural light. You’ll instantly feel more refreshed and less like you’re locked in the depths of a basement away from the cold.

Pillow Talk
Changing up your pillows is one of the easiest ways to display the season!
Make sure to grab some pillow covers! They’re much easier to store when you’re not using them, and are often more inexpensive than buying a full pillow.

Mirror Mirror
Along with bringing in more light, adding a mirror can help to reflect that light and make your space appear larger.
Open space and a bright is the perfect formula for feeling those spring vibes.

So whether you’re taking the plunge for some all new furniture pieces to brighten up a room, or trying one of these hacks, your space is bound to feel brighter and ready for spring.

We know the end of winter can be tough, as it’s cold, super gross outside and you’ve really just had enough of the dark, short days.
Brightening up your home for spring can really help to lift your spirits while you wait for those sunny days to emerge again. What do you do to bring that spring vibe into your home?

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