Damage-Free DIYs

Tuesday Feb 22nd, 2022


Do you (or someone you live with) always change your mind when it comes to home decor and DIY projects?
We've rounded up the best damage-free DIY projects that won't ruin your walls when you want something new. 

1. Decorative wall arch (or any shape)

You've heard of peel & stick wallpaper, or vinyl wall decals, now it's time to get creative with it. Painted arches or murals
on an empty wall have become very popular, but for someone who likes to change up their home decor or rearrange
furniture often, it can be a huge commitment. Start with your choice of removable wallpaper or sticker.
Cut into the shape (or shapes) you desire, and paint it your choice of colour or pattern. The options are truly endless.

2. Command style strips are your new BFF

This might be a bit of a no-brainer, but stock up on damage-free hanging strips so you can move lightweight photos,
wall signs, and smaller decor pieces around as much as you want! The hooks are great for wreaths or lights!

3. Cardboard is the new wood...

This one might be a little hard to believe at first, but the results are impressive! If you've ever wondered what a cozy
mantlepiece might look like in your home, this damage-free DIY might be for you. Start by gathering the cardboard
in the desired shape and reinforcing with tape or brackets. You can either design a wood finish with stain or paint
whatever colour you like. Use damage-free strips or hooks to secure in place. Try this same idea for ceiling beams or window valances! 

4. DIY basket lights 

No electrician necessary! This is a great way to play around with lighting options before committing to having permanent
fixtures installed. Purchase a battery-operated puck light (some even come with remotes if you're hanging them up high),
and secure it to the inside of a woven basket. Use a string or rope in the style of your choice to secure it to a (you guessed it) command hook! 


If you give one of these damage-free DIY projects a try, we would love to see! Tag us if you share on social media, or post a photo in the comments below. Thank you for reading! 

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