DIY Snowy Mason Jars

Tuesday Oct 27th, 2020


These Christmas Tea Light holders are incredibly easy to make using unexpected items: epsom salt and glitter. They are a beautiful holiday display for flameless tea lights, or could even be used as a vase for holiday garland or flowers.   What you'll need Glass jar 1 cup epsom salt 1tbsp glitter (white or translucent) Mod Podge (or tacky glue) Sponge brush for applying the glue Twine or ribbon Small piece of greenery Hot glue gun   1.... [read more]

5 Small Home Updates That Have A Big Impact

Tuesday Aug 11th, 2020


5 Small Home Updates That Make A Big Impact Making even the smallest changes to your home can make your space feel brand new! We've rounded up some ideas to help freshen up your home.   NEW DOOR HINGES AND KNOBS This is a pretty small thing that makes a bigger difference than you might think! Switching from dated, brass knobs to a darker, lever handle quickly updates the look of your doors. Pair that with a freshly painted white door and it's a modern, clean... [read more]

DIY Blooming Monogram

Tuesday Feb 18th, 2020


DIY Blooming Monogram In preparation for the upcoming spring season, let’s create a colourful DIY that will bring beauty into your home year-round.  A blooming monogram is quick, easy and totally personalized - use these flower letters to spell out your family name, you and your partners initials, a positive word, or anything else you can think of.     Materials • Paper Mache Letters  • Box Cutter  • Floral... [read more]

DIY Pumpkin Centrepiece

Thursday Oct 3rd, 2019


DIY Pumpkin Centrepiece Our DIY project this time around is a beautiful Fall/Thanksgiving centrepiece thanks to A Pumpkin and Princess! This is a simple project with stunning results.  Your guests won’t believe that it’s a DIY project!   What you’ll need • Faux Pumpkin • Styrofoam Block • Fall Stems • Hot Glue Use a small knife to cut the stem off the top of the pumpkin. You’ll want the hole large... [read more]

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Monday Apr 15th, 2019


Now that the weather has finally started to warm up, it’s the perfect time to bust open your windows–and, maybe less exciting, your cleaning supplies. Yes, it’s that time of year again! Not sure where to start with your spring cleaning project? We’ve made a list that includes all the spots you’ve likely neglected for the past year (speaking from personal experince) and how to tackle them like a pro! Here’s to spring cleaning the entire house in... [read more]


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