Winter Home Maintenance Projects

Tuesday Oct 27th, 2020


Winter Home Maintenance Projects

Cabin fever getting you down? Keep moving with some small home improvement projects! The first snowflakes of winter are a magical sight for some and a chilling one for others. Many of us welcome this time to hibernate through the blizzardy days, but it's important to stay active in the winter months. If you find yourself feeling cooped up with a case of cabin fever, now is a great time to begin planning some winter home improvement projects to keep you moving!

Lower Your Energy Costs
Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs and fixtures. When winter hits, darker days and longer nights call for light fixtures, televisions and other electrical appliances to be used more frequently. Balance out your energy usage and reduce your monthly electric bill by investing in energy-smart fixtures and lightbulbs.
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs) may cost a bit more than traditional halogen incadescent bulbs, but your return on investment is significant. Not only will updated lighting save you money on energy costs in the long run, but a change in lighting may even help to lift your spirits and improve your mood, as many of us exerpience seasonal affective disorder during the winter months.
Install A Programmable Thermostat
Customizing a home heating schedule can save money on evergy costs. When away from home or during the night, a programmable thermostat helps prevent excessive heating and energy use.
Insulate Your Home To Save
Proper insulaion in attics, crawl spaces and basements is the key to reducing heating bills. In older homes, many of us, almost literally, throw money out the window due to the amount of heat we let escape through cracks and crevices.
Seal up older windows by caulking cracks or holes where there is a noticeable draft. Window insulator kits can be purchased at your local home improvement store to help save on evergy costs. To manage drafts from doors, weather strips are an easy fix.
De-Clutter Your Basement or Closet
While we long for the summer days of outdoor activities, we might as well take time to focus on the inside. Look at decluttering your home as "pulling the weeds" but indoors. Your basement, attic or overfloaing closet are perfect places to start, but not all at once. Dedicate yourself to one space at a time and conquer if beofre moving on. Free yourself of unwanted or unneeded items and organize the rest with shelving or storage bins.
Update Textiles and Fabrics
Accenting your sofa with a soft throw blanket and plush pillows is an easy fix that can go a long way. Let the creative juices flow and extend your colour scheme to the window treatments. Curtains or shades not only ad a cozy quality to a room, but also help to block out cold drafts from windows. If you're seeking a more involved winter home improvement project, installing new carpet in bedrooms or family rooms will keep your hands busy and your feet warm. For those who prefer hardwood or tile floors, decorating with a warm-patterned accent or area rug will add much-needed comfor o your space for the winter months.

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