Tips & Tricks for Back to School

Wednesday Aug 18th, 2021


It's that time of year again! Lunches, backpacks, pens & paper - school is back! Here are some tips & tricks to help the student in your life succeed at every stage.

1. Take those pictures! In a rush to get out the door & on the bus each morning, it can be easily forgotten but many parents wish they had taken more pictures - especially on the first day.

2. Label everything. Clothes, books, toys, lunch containers - label them! Young kids are too busy having fun to remember which bag, cup, pencil case, etc. is theirs. 

3. Set goals & rewards. This could be as simple as rewarding yourself with a piece of chocolate after reading a page or finishing an equation.  

4. Write it down! Apparently writing something down is equivalent to reading it seven times. So when exam season hits, take the time to write out those important notes.

5.  Balance. It can be easy at this stage to overwhelm yourself with either school or extra-curricular activities. Both are important, but make sure there is a healthy balance. 

6. Sleep! Try your best to make it a priority. 

7. Nutrition. A student's brain needs to be well-fed to learn properly!



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