Healthy School Lunches for Kids

Tuesday Feb 16th, 2021


Revamp your school lunches! 


With kids now back to in-class learning, it’s the perfect time to change up their lunch routine! Don’t settle for the same old lunch they used to take, make it an exciting time for them and include them in the lunch making process! We’ve got some great tips from organizing your lunch packing time, to new recipes to get them excited to eat.


1. Add colour-coded bins

When attempting to involve the kids in lunch packing (which realistically doesn’t happen every single day, but when it does it’s always nice) it is WAY easier to say, “Ok, now go pick a snack from the green bin.” than it is just pointing them toward the shelf. 

By having coloured bins set up for different types of snacks it’s very easy for kids, AND FOR YOU, to go grab a snack cracker or fruit from its designated bin. (You can also use them in the fridge for a bit more organization.


2. While you're at it, colour code your kids lunch boxes!


There are a lot of really nice and affordable BPA free bento-style lunchboxes available on amazon. It's great having color-coded lunchboxes for the kiddos for two reasons.

  1. It makes for a lot less confusion when you hit that rushed time of the morning and you can just holler out, “Jade grab the green box!”
  2. Once again, giving kids options makes them feel happy, involved, and important. So the days they are helping they get to pick their lid color.



Onto lunches! We all know that getting kids to eat can sometimes be a challenge. The great thing about these bento box style lunches are that they have a little bit of everything for your child to choose from! Take a look at these great, one box lunches that encourage your child to eat all the colours of the rainbow while being nutritious and absolutely delicious!



1. Cheese roll ups (whole grain tortilla, cream cheese, cheddar cheese slices), apple slices, peanut butter chocolate chip energy bite, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and white bean dip. (Top Left)


2. Bean and cheese burrito, peach slices, mini almond shortbread cookie, cherry tomatoes, pineapple. (Top Right)


3. Whole wheat english muffin pizzas (Top english muffin halves with tomato sauce, a sprinkle of oregano, and grated mozzarella cheese. Melt cheese under broiler for 3-4 minutes.), bell pepper and carrot sticks, raw almonds and dark chocolate chips, black olives, apple slices. (Bottom Left)


4. Cherry tomato, apple, and cheese skewers (cut sharp points off skewers), cantaloupe, mini chocolate chip banana muffin, bell peppers & snap peas, cucumber slices, white bean dip (made with a combo of cannellini beans and chickpeas). (Bottom Right)





1. Whole wheat pita bread, carrot sticks, white bean dip or hummus, salted cashew energy bite with cranberries, bell peppers, snap peas, strawberries.


2. Waffles, cherry tomatoes, peanut butter chocolate chip energy bite, hard boiled egg, strawberries & blueberries.


3. Almond butter banana roll-ups (whole grain tortilla, spread with almond butter, place banana in center, roll up and slice), strawberries, cashew energy bite, cantaloupe, celery sticks, bell pepper.


4. Sunbutter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat, raspberries with dark chocolate chips, cheddar cheese cubes, carrot sticks, blueberries & strawberries.





1. Quick pasta salad (4 cups cooked mini farfalle pasta tossed with a mixture of 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon lime juice, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1/4 teaspoon mild chili powder. Add 1 cup each of canned corn, black beans, and halved cherry tomatoes.), whole wheat toast sticks with butter, strawberries, hard boiled egg, cantaloupe.


2. Cooked chicken, brown rice & ketchup, cucumber slices, mini chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, cantaloupe & strawberries, cherry tomatoes.




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