Fall Decor Trends You'll Love...

Friday Aug 19th, 2022


Goodbye Summer…Hello Fall! With fall just around the corner, we have put together some of the upcoming trends this season. 


  1. Earth tones

Neutrals and warm tones are the perfect way to style your home right now. It's so calming and creates such a beautiful & serene place for you and others to enjoy. 


  1. Patterns, patterns… and more patterns! 

Wallpaper, rugs, blankets, you name it… introduce some patterns to them! When combined with neutrals and earth tones, it makes the space feel relaxed and down-to-earth. Layering different textures is also a great way to add more to the space while staying minimalist. Who doesn't love the plush look of wool and cashmere? 


  1. Bring a whole new meaning to outdoor living. 

Introduce some plants into your home! As the greenery of summer slips away, we can bring more natural elements indoors. This creates the cozy yet serene vibe we all are looking for this fall.


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