Winter Home Maintenance Projects

Tuesday Oct 27th, 2020


Winter Home Maintenance Projects Cabin fever getting you down? Keep moving with some small home improvement projects! The first snowflakes of winter are a magical sight for some and a chilling one for others. Many of us welcome this time to hibernate through the blizzardy days, but it's important to stay active in the winter months. If you find yourself feeling cooped up with a case of cabin fever, now is a great time to begin planning some winter home improvement projects to keep... [read more]

5 Small Home Updates That Have A Big Impact

Tuesday Aug 11th, 2020


5 Small Home Updates That Make A Big Impact Making even the smallest changes to your home can make your space feel brand new! We've rounded up some ideas to help freshen up your home.   NEW DOOR HINGES AND KNOBS This is a pretty small thing that makes a bigger difference than you might think! Switching from dated, brass knobs to a darker, lever handle quickly updates the look of your doors. Pair that with a freshly painted white door and it's a modern, clean... [read more]

DIY Personal S'mores Pot

Monday Aug 17th, 2020


  DIY Personal S'mores Pot This quick, easy and cheap DIY is the perfect thing for those late summer nights! We can't all have a beautiful fire pit in our backyards so these personal s'mores pots are the perfect solution. Materials Small Terracotta Pot Charcoal Tin Foil Instructions 1. Line the inside of a terracotta pot with tin foil. 2. Place charcoal inside the foil lined pot. 3. Light the charcoal and voila! Roast away!   From:... [read more]

10 Best Productivity Tips for Working from Home

Monday Jun 15th, 2020


Original Article by Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor, INC. Working from home can be the ultimate personal productivity litmus test. Many people feel they would lack the self-discipline and focus required to be highly productive if they work from home. That's why the key to being productive in a home office isn't willpower or determination--it's following a few simple tips that will help you be efficient and effective. Tell people your schedule--and then "enforce"... [read more]

Reboot How You Manage Mess

Tuesday Feb 18th, 2020


Small Tips to Reboot How You Manage Mess at Home When asked, 39% of us admitted that having a messy home irritates us once a week or more. Put an end to clutter! Reorganize and refresh with these clever ideas.   Smart Accessories Streamline Open Storage   Create a calm corner by bringing order to the things you need to store there. Make existing furniture work smarter with useful storage additions, like drawer... [read more]


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