5 Small Home Updates That Have A Big Impact

Tuesday Aug 11th, 2020


5 Small Home Updates That Make A Big Impact

Making even the smallest changes to your home can make your space feel brand new!
We've rounded up some ideas to help freshen up your home.



This is a pretty small thing that makes a bigger difference than you might think! Switching from dated, brass knobs to a darker, lever handle
quickly updates the look of your doors. Pair that with a freshly painted white door and it's a modern, clean look!
Tip: Make sure you measure your existing hinges so you know what size to buy. For the handles, count (a few times) how many doors need privacy
locks and how many do not. You can save a few bucks by not buying a privacy handle.




Now, this one is something you may not think about all the time. Outlets, switches and switch plates throughout the house might be
an off-white or cream colour, or have gotten stained over time. Changing the outlets, switches and switch plates in the house to a bright white will brighten up small focal points in the room.
Tip: We also suggest switching from toggle switches to rocker switches, which will make the house look more modern.




In the summer, fans are a necessity, but not everyone loves the look of ceiling fans. You may have an assortment of crazy fans throughout.
Some with stained glass lights. Others, way too big for the room. Replacing them with simple white fans are less obtrusive and notecable as they blend
into a white ceiling. And you know what? Fans really aren't that expensive and are relatively easy to install yourself, if you have an extra set of hands.




You can make your existing door look like new with a fresh coat of paint! Most people paint the exterior side of their front door, but leave the interior side white. Painting the interior of the front door adds a pop of colour and dimension to an otherwise neutral foyer. (As an added bonus, a colourful front door doesn't show as many dirty hand prints!)
Just look at how these painted front doors add character to the space:





Most people only think about the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. But, replacing the pulls on cabinets in your living room and on the cabinets in bathrooms helps to quickly update other areas without a massive renovation. Like door knobs, there are so many different styles and finishes for cabinet hardware. You can really transform the style of your kitchen or bathroom in a flash! 


From: ourhammockhouse.com

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