Spring 2024 Design Trends

Monday Feb 26th, 2024


Spring... is that you? It's almost here. Let's get into some home design trends that are heating up this spring.

1. Spring Stripes 

Stripes are popping up everywhere this Spring! From throw blankets & cushion covers to armchairs & patio furniture,
stripes might be the fresh pop of interest your home is begging for after this grey winter we've had.

2. Plants

Bring the outside in. Houseplants are certainly not a new trend, but it appears more beginners are taking the plunge
this spring to liven up the home while we wait for the temperature to rise. Here are a few beginner-friendly plants to
get you started & a believable faux option if you just aren't ready yet. From left to right: Fiddle leaf fig, golden pathos,
aloe vera, and a faux olive tree. 

3. Arches & Curves

While this trend is popular with windows & doorways, it is super simple & effective to emulate with smaller,
less permanent fixtures. Check out these ideas if you're looking for a stylish refresh for the season.
From left to right: arched mirror, curved lamp, arched photo prints, and painted arch wall decal. 

4. Flowers

Flowers are a springtime staple for a reason. Here are some ideas to use flowers whether you bring some
fresh cut stems home or giving your allergies a break with a more creative choice.


Thanks for reading! What are you most drawn to for this spring?
Did we miss any trends you have planned for your own home? Let us know! 

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