Reboot How You Manage Mess

Tuesday Feb 18th, 2020


Small Tips to Reboot How You Manage Mess at Home

When asked, 39% of us admitted that having a messy home irritates us once a week or more.

Put an end to clutter! Reorganize and refresh with these clever ideas.


Smart Accessories Streamline Open Storage  

Create a calm corner by bringing order to the things you need to store there.
Make existing furniture work smarter with useful storage additions, like drawer inserts and boxes.


Prepare Meals for the Week Ahead

Whether you meal prep once a week or save leftovers for the next day – food storage is key to making life easier, saving time and minimizing waste.
Use lids (instead of cling film) to seal in freshness, and choose clear glass containers so you can easily see what’s inside – they can go from the freezer to the oven, too.


Boxes to Organize from the Inside Out
Storage doesn’t have to be unsightly. Keep things close to hand with stylish boxes that can be left out as decor pieces. Smaller accessories can be neatly organized in multi-section compartments, and then stackable boxes can be neatly hidden away in a wardrobe or cabinet if you prefer a more minimalist look.


Refresh Your Work/Life Balance

Organizing everyday essentials into feel-good displays with the addition of picture ledges can transform a cluttered desk into an inspiring workspace. And stylish storage boxes mean it’s easy to store stationery, paperwork and other necessities – it’s all there when you’re ready to get back to work.


Give Laundry A Helping Hand

Add a small storage basket and a hanging dryer to your laundry kit to make it easy to carry laundry from one spot to another, and keep track of smaller items like socks. Air drying uses less energy than tumble drying, so hang the drying rack on your washing line or in a sunny spot, then save space by folding it away when it’s not needed.


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