2021 Home Decor Trends

Friday Jan 29th, 2021


Moving into 2021 is a great reason to bring comfort and creativity to our spaces, especially if we are spending
more time than ever in them! Check out some of the hottest new decor trends coming this year.




Walls on the Wild Side


We know that typically in home decor we think most about the major items, furniture, tableware and shelf decor but what about what’s on our
walls themselves? Paint is always a popular choice and can add so much to a space but adding a bold and maybe unusual finish like some
floral or even textured wallpaper can add a fresh feel to our spaces.





Brighten Up


Feeling like everything is becoming neutral and sterile? Furniture with a vibrant hue is always a great choice for bringing some charm to your space.
Play with the colours while keeping lines clean and modern and you can straddle the minimalist and maximalist trends.





Rattan & Wicker Furnishings


While wicker and rattan furnishings are mostly known for being outdoor furniture, this coming year we will see plenty of outdoor details making their way indoors.
Woven furnishings are durable and add great texture and a natural feel to the room.





Abstract Ideas


Statement-making textile wall art to vibrant canvas pantings and everything in between!
Abstract pieces are the perfect interior design trend to update your home.





Earthy Tones


You’ve probably picked up on a large theme for decorating this year: a return to nature! This feeling extends to wall colours, new textures and a comforting colour palette.
Mix in some great textured pieces with your modern basics for a relaxing, comfortable space.





A Clean Work Space


Once a work-from-home area is established, focus on an uncluttered, minimalist setup.
Furniture with clean lines and lots of tabletop space will help keep you organized and on task.





Multi-Functional Spaces


As we shift to a more work-from-home way of operating, it makes less sense to dedicate whole rooms to just one purpose.
Creative storage and design solutions can help your dining room, living rooms and even bedrooms double up as home office workspaces.





Let in the Light


We’re all working on making our spaces more comfortable and calm and zen decor is becoming a huge trend in helping us achieve that.
One of the easiest ways to make your space feel better is to maximize your natural light! Instead of heavy, dark curtains, opt for a semi-opaque curtain in a light colour.





Zen Garden Vibes


Once the weather warms up, your backyard or even a balcony can become your zen space.
Spruce it up with plants, rock gardens and some fairy lights to make your dedicated space a calm one.





Plenty of Plants


Over the last year, a lot of people have gone back to basics with making more meals at home and cultivating a great field of plants.
Incorporating house plants into your decor adds a much needed piece of nature and it will help refresh your air and brighten your mood.

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